About Us

We’re small but mighty! We have the experience and skills you need. Whether you have property management concerns that keep you up at night, a property to rent, a house to sell or you need help in finding your dream home , we can help.

Cavanaugh & Company, LLC was founded as Cavanaugh Associates in 1980 by Loretta P. Cavanaugh, a Middletown native whose decades long real estate career began in 1974. During the first ten years, Cavanaugh & Company, LLC specialized in all facets of residential Real Estate including sales, marketing, management, and appraisals.

After being  joined by Juliet L. Cavanaugh in 1986, this dynamic mother/daughter duo grew Cavanaugh & Company, LLC  into the statewide leader in the Mortgage Servicing, Property Preservation, Asset/REO Management  and Loan Closing sector.  Managing complexes of 150 units to closing 400 loans a month, the firm was operating 24/7 statewide. This evolution continued through 2007 when, let’s face it, the real estate waters became stormy.

It didn’t stop us.

We just made our way back to our roots…property management and real estate for the regular folks, not Wall Street tycoons and international banks. Loretta wanted to retire, Juliet wanted to assist local residents with their real estate and management needs.  Ring in 2012 and voila!



“I give Juliet and all of Cavanaugh and Company my highest recommendation as a wonderful property management company. Regardless of where the property owner may live, they can rest assured their property is in good hands with their competent staff.”

D. Stolman
Santa Clara, CA

Cavanaugh & Company has great instincts. I can honestly say that if not for their unending efforts on my behalf, the deal would not have made it to the closing table.

D. Coleman
Cobalt, CT